Thursday, Nov. 12, 6 p.m.

Conversations on Art: "Before Hatshepsut: Three Generations of Royal Women at the Birth of the New Kingdom" Stephen Harvey, Ph.D

Before Hatshepsut Lecture

Hatshepsut, famed female ruler of the Eighteenth Dynasty, is renowned in Egyptian history as one of only five women over the course of three thousand years to have ever taken the throne of Egypt as pharaoh--a role otherwise traditionally limited to men. But what about the several generations of powerful female ancestors that paved Hatshepsut's way, creating new paths to wealth and influence? What is known about the female rulers before Hatshepsut? 

At the birth of the New Kingdom, around 1525 BCE when King Ahmose defeated the Hyksos rulers of northern Egypt, three royal women stand out:
* Queen Tetisheri, grandmother of Ahmose, who was honored with a monumental pyramid at Abydos; 
* Queen Ahhotep, Ahmose's mother, who may have controlled domestic affairs while her husband was at war with the Hyksos; and 
* Ahmose-Nefertary, the first woman to have been called the "God's Wife of Amun," a priestly role that came with enormous prestige and wealth, and was later held by Hatshepsut. 

Dr. Harvey will examine colorful ancient records as well as recent discoveries at the sites of Abydos and Thebes.


Saturday, Nov. 21, 5-7 p.m.

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